GEM is located in the southern outskirts of Gympie in South East Queensland. GEM is less than 200-km north of Brisbane, in the State of Queensland, Australia. GEM is located within the Gympie Regional Council area and the Wide bay Burnette Regional Plan area. The East Deep Creek Structure Plan falls under the Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme. There are a few ongoing activities that, when finished, can provide a significant uplift to the value of GEM site apart from the satisfactory completion of rehabilitation, remediation and relinquishing of mining license, including but not limited to (i) passing of the East Deep Creek Structure Plan and (ii) the realignment of the Bruce Highway—a major highway that runs south of Brisbane to Coora-- the north east tip of Australia. Gympie is well positioned to make an impact on the connectivity link from south of Brisbane and north of Rockhampton, going further up to Townsville—all three port areas with bright prospects for shaping the future of Gympie.

The site previously consisted of various parcels of land that have now been amalgamated into one parcel of 119.3 hectares. The site is bounded:

  • to the northwest by East Deep Creek Road;
  • to the east partly by freehold semi-rural properties and partly by Spada Road;
  • to the southeast by a freehold property containing mainly remnant vegetation; and
  • to the west by Flood Road

Aerial Photo of the Land

Cadastral Plan